The Emperor’s Clothes

Could this day pass without mentioning the elephant not in the room? A surprise, first-round defeat for the quarrelsome billionaire, US candidate for the leader of the Republican Party, Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump. Trump came in second to the tin-hatted preacher man, Ted Cruz. In close third place was Marco Rubio. The nomination for Republican leader is, in fact, still wide open. Be careful people – the response to this result could affect the election results in other primaries. Hold onto your hats!

All this isn’t even the most exciting political news of the day. What is going on in politics? Is this the age of grumpy old men on both sides of the pond? Who’da thunk it! No packaging, no giveaways, no gimmicks!  In the Iowa vote for next leader of the Democrats the rank outsider, Bernie Sanders lost by no more than a whisker to Hilary Clinton, something that seems little short of a miracle. Hilary Clinton, dynastic establishment candidate, with all of husband Bill’s experience and campaign machinery right alongside her, was almost defeated by a complete no-hoper. My hat is off to you multitudes of interlopers in Iowa. How many more of you might there be in this great nation I wonder?

It would appear from the unexpected rise of Bernie Sanders in the USA and the landslide victory of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest in the UK that the emperor’s ‘new clothes’ have turned out simply to be ‘old clothes’! Well-honed machinery and well-groomed players are beginning to look like conceit as well as deceit to many of today’s more cynical, and perhaps more discerning voters. Voters are keen to see beyond a polished exterior. The new bling in politics is to exude an aura of honesty and integrity.  Before we fling our hats in the air lets see what the happens in the next primary, but in the meantime who ever would have thought politics could pull such a rabbit out of the hat!


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