The EU Charade Marches On

David Cameron and Boris Johnson, two old Eton and Oxford mates, both once members of Oxford’s notorious Bullingdon Club, clearly know how to do each other political favours. Cameron has handed Johnson a handsome leg-up in the Tory leadership campaign. Johnson gets to be the man who insisted that we must have British sovereignty. Cameron, in return, gets to be the party leader who brought the maverick sceptic around to his way of thinking on Europe.

Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Michael Gove, also gains a nice little favour from the Prime Minister, so long as he also agrees to back the ‘stay in’ campaign. He has the opportunity to be the man who heads up negotiations for more sovereignty for the British parliament. Not a bad piece of publicity for a man still seeking to distance himself from the unappealing profile he took on as Minister for Education, 2010-2014.

Home Secretary, Theresa May, on the other hand, is simply the one who thought about Brexit long and hard before deciding ‘oh well, the package now looks alright to me’. She sat on the fence throughout the renegotiations. Now she serves the purpose of appearing to have been persuaded, which makes her an almighty ‘damp squib’ of the ‘Brexit’ campaign. Strangely, however, perhaps, no one seems particularly outraged, disheartened or surprised by her sudden declaration of support for the ‘staying in’ campaign. Maybe it has not, in fact, come as a total surprise.



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