Philanthrocapitalism Inc

Open Lines

What a revolting word ‘philanthrocapitalism’ is! It is the ‘newspeak’ of the ‘staycation’ generation! But, let me be clear, my concern is not purely linguistic. Recently the number of independent charities has ballooned. ‘Philanthrocapitalism’ is on the rise! Should we be pleased or concerned?

Perhaps some, like me, have been more than a little repelled by the hint of self-promotion in the photograph of the Zuckerberg’s posing with loving looks at one another alongside their new born baby daughter, as they announce a gift from FaceBook of around $50 billion to charitable causes. We might, nonetheless, be tempted to give them the benefit of the doubt, and to heap praise on the loving couple, for their generous efforts to, in their own words, ‘make the world a better place for their newborn child to live in’. Except that it turns out that not one red cent has actually been given away!

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