Foul Play on Antisemitism

Arabs are denied permission to build homes in Israeli occupied territories, when they build them without permission Arab homes are bulldozed away by Israeli forces. Meanwhile Jewish settlements are going up all the time in the occupied territories. Such is the reality of Israeli policy. The recent UN report calls it “ethnic cleansing”.
Before Israel was created (as a strategic ally to American foreign policy – basically as a stash for nuclear weapons) Arabs and Jews mingled more or less happily in the region. No longer! The Arabs in Israel have been subordinated to the Jews in an unholy strategic alliance of super-powers.
It is no accident that the Tories created a furor over, so-called, antisemitism in the Labour Party, so that now the left dare not speak out against Israeli policy for fear of alienating part of the electorate. Right before the elections the left has been made to look divided and in total disarray. Some Labour politicians, wanting long and fruitful careers in politics, are waiting in the wings before deciding which way to jump.
This is party political game-playing at its ugliest. Tories are aided and abetted by traitors in the party. Mann is not concerned with humanitarian principles when he corners Livingstone in front of TV cameramen. His shambolic outburst was a clearly orchestrated display for journalists to feed on. The attack was an obvious to undermine the left leadership of the Labour Party.
Lives (Arab lives in Israel) are at stake, yet the left has been silenced on this important humanitarian issue. The left now needs to wise up to Tory trickery, have an enquiry on all forms of racism in the party, make it quick, get rid of the traitors, expose the conspirators, and re-instate the victims of this foul play.
This muck-raking by the Tories over antisemitism in the Labour Party is not about religion or oppression or injustice, this is self-serving cynical politics.  The Tories silence opposition to Israeli policy and then run off to cosy up to the Saudis, selling them arms with which to wage war against their neighbours. It all has the effect of destabilising the region, worsening the prospects of peace and security for all, not least for ourselves in the UK.
The right are ruthless as well as soulless conspirators. This is what the left is up against. To be successful against the onslaught the left must keep a firm handle on principle. The principle is simply to stand in solidarity with oppressed people regardless of race or creed or colour.

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