Who Killed Jo Cox?


I can’t bring myself to feel any anger at all right now. All I feel is sorrow in the wake of the murder of Jo Cox. Who did it, why they did it, what they stood for, it all seems to matter so little. It was a demented, nonsensical act of violence. The murder of Jo Cox has robbed us all of a beacon of light in a bleak, dark world.

Information is coming out about the perpetrator of this vile and senseless act. He was a man who lived alone, a man with a poor record of employment, a man with a history of mental illness, a man who found himself attracted to far right, neo-nazi groups.

It is important to remember that members of the right-wing working-class are every bit as much products of our warped and distorted political and economic system as are the rest of us. Jo Cox understood this all too well. She fought for the rights, the respect and the human dignity of every single one of us.

All too often the dispossessed are frustrated and, in their stupidity, they lash out at the wrong targets. I am just grateful that the outcome of this brutal, senseless act has not been even more  violence. It might well have been had the perpetrator been a person of a different creed or colour. Instead the nation seems to have taken a deep breath and called the dogs off, proving that hatred should have no place in a civilised society.

All such misguided horrors have their roots in alienation. Increasingly economists speak of ‘the ninety-nine percent’.   This is the the percentage of the population that may be said to have been left behind in the twenty-first century.

The nation has lost its moral compass. Let me correct myself. I would rather say that the moral compass has not been lost, it has been taken from us by the neoliberal ideology that preaches that greed benefits everyone. It patently does not. Rather it has made us sick, socially divided and insecure. We have become grotesque versions of our former selves. We have lost the ability to reason with our hearts as well as our heads. We have made fake, false, horrible decisions. The Tory ideology is on trial here, and it has been found guilty.

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