What Can the Left Learn From Trump’s Political Ascent?


Trump was  not supported by his own party. During the election campaign many Republicans cringed when he opened his mouth, fearing what might come out of it.

Trump was a lone wolf candidate, something of a loose cannon.  Most of the mainstream press and the pollsters were dismissive of the possibility that he would win. Donald Trump, virtually everyone agreed, was totally unelectable.

Despite all this Trump won the US Presidential election last week. The Republicans now have not just the office of the President, but also control of the Senate, control of the House of Representatives and an opportunity to gain control of the Supreme Court.

Trump’s opponent in the Presidential election was the highly experienced establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton. One of Clinton’s major shortcoming was that the public knew too much about her. Many, much as they disliked Trump, simply could not bring themselves to vote for Clinton. Many voters therefore made an active choice not to vote at all.

Bernie Sanders has been described as unelectable; too left wing for the centre ground. By hook or by crook the Democrats denied the electorate a radical left candidate. The ‘unelectable’ Republican choice was victorious over the ‘electable’ establishment choice of the Democrats.

The Labour Party should pay attention to this outcome in the USA. The electorate chose the candidate offering the more chaotically unknowable future rather than the known establishment choice.  The message is that it pays to be brave. The people want real change.





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